this is all an elaborate hoax


claire. sydney. 21.

friends shows fun times A+
what i look like.

Anonymous asked: Decisions aren't stupid at the time, they make you who you are, all you can do is learn from them. Watching breaking bad, fuckin boss show, eatin maccas

Sorry, got too drunk to respond.
I do agree. I regret nothing!
Breaking bad is a good show. I’m only like halfway through the 2nd season though. Need to get back on that. Ew maccas. The only time I can eat that shit is when I am traaaaaashed.

Anonymous asked: Excellently! I wish I was drunk. not making stupid drunk decisions are we?

Me? Stupid decisions?! Never….. Hahaha not any more anyway. What are you up to tonight?

Anonymous asked: wassup dawg?

I’m drunk. So great! How are you going, my friend?

i have a fuckin' ask thing for a reason. hmu ›

Sibling night out πŸ‘Œ

Anonymous asked: What is your ultimate fantasy?


Financial stability.

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50% of my jokes are self deprecating and 50% are self congratulatory like i’ll say β€œwow its hot in here…. just like me” and 5 seconds later point at a trash can and say β€œme”

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Regram from @mercy_st - It’s been a good weekend πŸ’™

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night on the town πŸ’€ #tealecoco

bye purple nadia

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I’m a happy (lucky) little vegemite 😁 (at Galaxy World Market City)

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